Tuesday, December 02, 2008

12 Little Liberals - a variation on the famous poem

To stop this coup by the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition; the current minority government of Canada just needs to see 12 seats from this coalition to disappear...permanently. Let's be creative and have some fun with the original Ten Little Soldiers poem.

Twelve Little Liberals

Twelve little Liberal boys thought about their heaven;
One repented his little self and then there were eleven.
Eleven little Liberal boys signed a document with a pen;
One too excited, stabbed himself and then there were ten.
Ten little Liberal boys drank way too much wine;
One suffered alcohol poisoning and then there were nine.
Eight little Liberal boys started to question their heaven;
One leap from the clouds and then there were seven.
Seven little Liberal boys fought with politically right hicks;
One got severely bludgeoned and then there were six.
Six little Liberal boys taking the Canadian economy out on a test drive;
Irate taxpayers shoved their returns down one's throat, now there were five.
Five little Liberal boys walking along the shore;
A big rogue wave swept one away and then there were four.
Four little Liberal boys playing way up in a tree;
One fell off and then there was three.
Three little Liberal boys paddling along in a canoe;
One without a life jacket fell out and then there were two.
Two Little Liberal boys shouting "we won, we won";
One had a heart attack and then there was one.
One little Stephane Dion all bruised and nearly done;
He left politics forever and then there were none.


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